The Viewing of Earl Hamner Storyteller & Remembering The Waltons

Michael Learned with colleagues from the TV series "The Waltons"

Michael Learned with colleagues from the TV series "The Waltons"

Michael Learned played Olivia Walton on the beloved television series The Waltons. When speaking about the role at the Knoxville film festival she has nothing to say but praise for the part she was given. Michael exclaimed that it was all thanks to the recognition she received from that the role in The Waltons for furthering her career. After The Waltons, Michael went on to more theater work then she ever could have imagined.

Micheal attended a viewing of the Earl Hamner Storyteller at West Cinema 8 in Regal Downtown. The documentary is based on the producer of The Waltons - covering the years of 1971 through 1981. The film mainly showed Hamner's family life and how he grew up in Schuyler, Virginia during WWII and the Great Depression.

Keith Daniel the founder of the Knoxville Film festival also attended the viewing of the Earl Hamner documentary. He too had nothing but praise for Earl and kept insisting that The Waltons was not only a American classic but also an all around good show.

Ray Castro whom was the documentary maker was present for the viewing as well. He explained that the documentary was inspired by the reunion of The Waltons which aired on ABC's Good Morning America television show a few years ago. He was not pleased with how the show placed the creator, writers, and narrator of the show in the back of the cast. So, soon after Tim McAbee and Ray Castro began to create the documentary.

The documentary involves the show's actors as well as many of the writers who were involved in sculpting The Waltons television show. The coverage does not stop there. The documentary also shows those involved in Earl Hamerís other work such as Gentle Ben, The Twilight Zone, and Falcon Crest. Also included with in the film are the beloved whom have departed since the airing such as Ronnie Claire Edwards who was the lovely actress Corabeth Godsey, and Ralph Wait who acted as John Walton. It was an emotional night for most of the cast when remembering these past talented actors.

Micheal Learned later in the night went on to say that her favorite episode of The Waltons was -The Anniversary- due to the love she had for Ralph Waite, her on screen husband. Together the two had an unmatched chemistry. Micheal said she truly felt like family to Ralph and Earl and in her mind they still are. Micheal refers to Earl as 'John - Boy' which is an endearing noun for the word gentlemen. This phrase was repeated by many throughout the documentary who were close to him.