Schuyler Virginia

Schuyler is pronounced sky-lur. It is a small community in Nelson County, Virginia, United States. The population back in 2010 was 298.

Walton Museum - The Alberene Stone Company Quarry

Walton Museum - The Alberene Stone Company Quarry

In 1882, the community was originally called "Walkers Mill". It was named for Schuyler George Walker, a local mill operator and the area's first postmaster.

In the 19th and 20th centuries the town became a small industrial center, the home for a stone cutting plant for the area's quarries. The Alberene Stone Company was a plant which took the native and acid resistant soapstone and milled the rock into flat tabletops for laboratories and hospitals. The Great Depression however destroy the industry and the area never recovered.

Skyler was the birthplace in the home of the writer Earl Hamner Junior. He is most famous for the CBS television series "The Waltons". The series was based on his experiences growing up as the eldest child of a rural family with eight siblings during the depression era in America. His family except for his father attended the Schuyler Baptist Church near their home place. There are still a few members that actually knew them and the church still has services every Sunday.

The region suffered greatly from the depression and from hurricane Camille which dumped 2 to 3 feet of rain in August 1969. The Schuyler Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic places. You've heard about Virginia Spartan Race for sure. It's worth a visit. Though tickets can be expensive you can apply spartan race coupon to get a good discount. It's a famous event and is worth every penny.