Best Quality TVs of 2017


This TV has the best price and best quality ratio. It is quite similar to many other OLED TVs of 2017 ? it has perfect black levels, wide viewing angles, amazing sharp color, and constant light-room picture. It supports both HDR formats with better image than previous years. The panel is super slim, giving this TV a very sleek and modern look.

The only drawback is that some less expensive TVs have very similar image quality.

In conclusion, this is the best TV that we tested, but B7A has better value.

2. Sony XBR-A1E Series

This TV offers great picture, but it costs more than the previous TV. It outperforms many other devices that were tested, except for OLED TVs. It has the same features that the LG OLED TV had, including deep black color, wide angle, great sharpness, and light-room quality. The design is sleek and the stand less format makes you see only picture when looking form the front.

The negative: same quality as less expensive TVs.

At the end, with great picture, but higher price than its competitors, Sony is not always worth the money.


This TV is tied for the first place with the previous two. We can list exactly the same characteristic as the previous TVs. This one also outperforms all other brands, but stops many buyers with its price. All consumers rave about the super slim panel and sleek glass border.

Price is the only drawback.

If you don't have a higher budget than most OLED TV buyers, you should consider a cheaper equivalent with the same specs.

4. Vizio M-Series (2017)

This TV can be considered best in mid-price and non-OLED category. The picture is a lot better than similar TVs and outperforms even some pricier TVs. HDR10 and Dolby Vision high-dynamic-range is compatible with this TV. Chromecast is built-in and thus provides many apps and frequent updates. You can control your smart TV with Google Home Speaker.

Waltonsmuseum Best Quality TVs of 2017

The bad:

- Not as bright as some other competing TVs

- No built-in tuner, so you can't watch over-the-air antenna broadcasts.

- Not great external design

- Non-intuitive app menus

- Only one HDMI input is compatible with all 4K HDR sources

In conclusion, this is a good TV when compared with other mainstream TVs that seek to have the best picture above everything else.

5. Vizio P-Series 2016

P-Series TVs have the best picture quality that could compete with a lot more expensive TVs. It has no problems with both high-dynamic-range formats and has a remote that is like Android tablet. The Google Cast is responsible for great apps on this smart TV.

The tablet-like menu can be cumbersome to use for settings. The TV does not have built-in tuner, so you have to get a separate one if you need over-the-air antenna broadcasts.

Overall the TV has a great picture quality and features for the future at a great price.

6. TCLP Series Roku TV (2017)

This TV is affordable, has great image quality with great black, colors, and contrast. Roku Smart TV platform is unrivaled in the industry and offers the best interface and streaming apps collection. HDR10 and Dolby Vision high-dynamic-range both work great with this TV.

The one negative here is that 55-inch is the only size left available.

The greatest thing ? this rock-bottom price TV has great picture quality and all the modern bells and whistles, so it's hard to beat. Too bad this best value TV only comes in one size.

7. Sony XBR-X930D Series

This TV possesses the best picture quality after Vizio LCDs. The brightness is extreme, black levels and colors are spectacular. The design is great with very thin upper cabinet. Android TVs selection of apps might prevent you from having to use external streamer.

The drawbacks are that this TV is very similar to some cheaper TVs, but not as good as OLED competitors.

Overall, this is a great buy for those of us who want high quality picture, great performance, and contemporary design from a famous brand, but can't afford an OLED.